Chemistry of life

Chemistry of Life

Reggie Gold D.C.

  1. Chiropractic deals with every level of human performance.

  2. Every level of human performance is controlled by body chemistry.

  3. Body chemistry is controlled by the glands whose job it is to make chemicals.

  4. All the glands are controlled by the nerve system.

  5. The nerve system is protected by the bones of the spine.

A Vertebral Subluxation occurs, due to

Physical Stress

Chemical Stress

Emotional Stress

  1. A vertebral subluxation is a bone which the body has lost some of it's control.

  2. The position of the bone irritates the nerve.

  3. Irritated nerves disrupt gland function.

  4. Improper gland function disrupts body chemistry.

  5. Disturbed body chemistry decreases performances levels

A Specific Chiropractic Adjustment is given

  1. A Chiropractic adjustment restores proper bone position.

  2. Proper position of the bone removes nerve irritation

  3. Restored nerve conrtrol allows for normal gland function.

  4. Proper gland production balances body chemistry.

  5. Proper/balanced body chemistry increases performances.